The name itself can tell you what transformers do. When electrical energy can be transmitted from one circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors, the device that allows this action is known as a transformer. Transformers can also change the level of voltage received—usually from high to low. The measurement of electrons, how strong or how many there are, is known as voltage. The amount of voltage allows for the electricity to be transported more easily over long distances.

There are a variety of commercial transformers such as liquid filled, dry-type, cast coil, step-up and step-down, pad mounted, isolation, and custom. They range in size from the size of a paper clip, to massive units which would be used to interconnect power grids. No matter what size or type, they all function on the same standard principles even though their designs may vary. Interestingly enough, with the increase in technology, transformers have been eliminated in a few devices. However, they are still found in almost all household electronic devices—which are usually lower voltage.

The most common use of electrical transformers is the transportation of electricity from power plants to your business. Due to the long distance that electricity travels, it is transformed into a different state until its destination is reached.

From dry-type to buck boost transformers, Thomas Edison Electric can educate you on all of the various types of transformers and the advantages of each one, installing those that will correctly satisfy the needs of your business. They become essential for electric power transmission, making long-distance transfers possible and practical. No matter what type of transformer it may be, Thomas Edison Electric will have what you need.

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