Circuit Breakers & Fuses

It’s vital to understand how to care for and replace fuses, as well as how to reset circuit breakers in case your home is subject to an electrical power outage.

Therefore, when your home is experiencing flickering lights, dimming, blown fuses, or a sizzling sound from your electrical panel, what should you do? Call Thomas Edison Electric of course!

Fuses and circuit breakers are the main component to check on when it comes to safeguarding your home’s electrical systems from letting too much electricity come through. Most importantly, homeowners should realize that today’s homes may be functioning with inadequate electrical support for the more sophisticated technology and appliances that are available today.

When you come to think of it, electricity is vital to modern life. From the toaster oven and coffee machine in the kitchen, to your home offices and entertainment centers in your theatre room, these rapid technological advances can cause some serious hiccups for existing electrical systems. Thomas Edison can insure that your home is wired properly from top to bottom!

Unwanted electrical mishaps can interrupt your daily life. With Thomas Edison Electric you can have your home evaluated so that you have the electrical upgrades or replacements needed to put you at ease. Prevention is the solution to a potentially hazardous circumstance, especially when more amperage is being transmitted. So, call Thomas Edison Electric today!

Thomas Edison Electric would like to remind you that dimming and/or flickering lights can mean that there is a poor connection at some point in the circuit. If this issue is occurring throughout your home, a main wire connection could be the problem. Therefore, it is time to call Thomas Edison Electric!

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