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A receptacle or outlet is the electrical fitting in your home that is a source of power with the ability to receive an insert. Having multiple electrical outlets allows for easier access to electricity. However, you have to keep an eye out for inserts that draw more power than the outlet can manage; when this happens, it is called “circuit overload.” Over extended periods of time, receptacles may become damaged or deteriorate from daily use. Your home may become prone to electrical fires or shock by repeatedly using an outlet that has become impaired or corroded. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, electrical outlets are implicated in 5,300 fires yearly.

Specialty receptacles come in all different assortments, often specifically designed for what your home needs. Thomas Edison Electric will provide you with assistance in choosing the specialty receptacle(s) that your home requires. We got your outlets covered, whether it may be rotating outlets to combination and switch receptacles; floor outlets, recessed outlets, duplex wall outlets, child proof receptacles, ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, and more! Child proof receptacles are the way to go when you have young children running around in your home.

Child Proof Outlets

On average, seven children per day are taken to the emergency room due to improper contact with receptacles in the United States. A simple object such as a paper clip can be inserted into an outlet and cause severe injury or even burns. By child proofing your home with tamper resistant receptacles or automatic shutters, you can block objects, such as a paper clip, to prevent anything harmful from happening to your child.

With child proofing outlets being so successful in preventing injuries, it became part of the National Electrical Code to have them installed in all new homes constructed after 2008.

You are able to protect your family by calling Thomas Edison Electric and become code compliant with new outlets!

You may want to consider Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets for when water comes in contact with electrical products. These outlets save lives in spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and even the outdoors!

Get in touch with Thomas Edison Electric today to insure that all of your outlets are safe!

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