Power Outages

Being able to prevent home power outages is the solution to losses, whether to appliances or the equipment within your home. Most importantly, it is important to save the valuable information that is stored in your computer during electrical surges.

By having a whole house surge protector it can enable you, as the home owner, to have the assurance of not having to replace costly items or of having to restore data to your computer, that could take quite some time to retrieve. Only with a whole house surge protector can you save what would be gone in seconds from an electrical surge.

With that being said, Thomas Edison Electric has the ability to install whole house surge protectors to secure the safety of all of your home’s electrical operations. A key cause of electrical equipment failure is damage due to surges, whether from interior or exterior sources.

When something causes a boost in the electrical charge at some point in the power lines, this is known as a power surge. A power surge stimulates an increase in the electrical potential energy, causing your current flow to your home’s outlet to increase. Numerous reasons can cause this boost to happen. The first reason is most likely due to lightning. A second reason is the operation of high powered electrical devices. When it comes to having high powered devices, they require a lot of energy to turn on and off the components and can create a sudden urge for more power. Although these surges do not have the intensity of a lightning surge, they still can be serious enough to damage your home’s devices immediately or in the very near future.

There are an endless number of items that require electricity in your home, starting with appliances such as your refrigerator, washer/dryer, and air conditioner to other operations such as your computer, television, and security system.

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